“Music has to serve a purpose; it has to be part of something bigger than itself, it has to be part of humanity.” Pau Casals

The way Casals felt and experienced music has always been of a great inspiration for me. His love, passion and respect for music and how he used it to serve humanity have changed my approach to the profession. As a teacher, I very much believe in passing on all these values to my students. It’s not the instrument itself what is important but what one does and expresses with it. The instrument is a necessary tool but the message, the way we express it and the purpose we give to it, is what matters the most. Therefore, I very much enjoy to accompany my students to understand the musical language and help them discover their unique way to express themselves through their instruments.

Of course technique is important, as it’s what assures us to freely play and communicate. That’s why I like to pay especial attention to it. However, when it comes to the piccolo, I believe that the most important thing is to approach it as an independent instrument, despite its similarities with the flute. The demanding and particular technique of the piccolo requires time and effort, but it really is a very rewarding journey. It also is the only way that assures players to reach the necessary skills to overcome all technical barriers and find their unique personality as piccolo players. In order to achieve that, I strongly believe that it is very important to explore and get to know not only orchestral excerpts and the repertoire written for the piccolo, but also all the music that can be adapted for it. Like this, we give ourselves the opportunity to explore all styles and different ensembles, so we can grow and express ourselves beyond the limits that, otherwise, our narrow repertoire would set for us.

Aside from piccolo and flute teaching, I also love coaching youth orchestras; leading sectionals, working on chamber music, preparing and doing mock auditions, etc. After so many years travelling the world and playing with some of the greatest orchestras and artists, and at many prestigious festivals, it makes me really very happy to share with younger musicians all what I learn and experience while playing with them all.

Whether you love or hate the piccolo. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced flute player. Whether you are a student or already a young professional, it is never too early or too late to get started in discovering this incredible instrument, or simply get deeper into your piccolo playing. We could meet in London, Barcelona, St Petersburg or wherever my tours will take me. Or we could simply meet online! Therefore, if you think I could help you with your playing, please feel free to contact me. I’ll be very happy to accompany you in this exciting journey!

“Although small in size, the magnitude and importance of the piccolo should never be underestimated.” Laurence Taylor


“Although small in size, the magnitude and importance of the piccolo

should never be underestimated.” Laurence Taylor